Bursary Rules

Bursary Application Rules


In line with its charitable status Southwell Choral Society awards annually one or two bursaries to help further the musical careers of young people living within the environs of Southwell. These are known as:

a)  The Southwell Choral Bursary  b)  The Peggy Oldham Fund Award

1.  Applications are invited from individuals under the age of 25 on 1 September 2020 and whose permanent address is within a ten mile radius of Southwell Minster.

2. Application forms will be available from March 2020, and must be returned by Monday April 23 2020. Application forms are available from, and should be returned to Mrs Thelma Clark, 6 Beaumont Avenue, Southwell, Notts NG25 0BB. (Tel: 01636 813964 email:thelma@g-and-t.me.uk).

3.  Applications will be considered by the adjudicating panel whose decision is final.  In the event of a tie the Chair shall have the casting vote.  The winner will be announced by the end of April 2020.

4.  Applications will only be accepted from individuals as the bursary and the award is intended to support the development of that person’s career in music. The definition of musical career includes vocalists, instrumentalists, composers and arrangers of all genres of music.  In accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 applications from disabled persons will be given equal treatment and rights. The Trustees of Southwell Choral Society (The Trustees) will maintain full confidentiality of all information received through the application process but retain the right to publish the names of the successful applicant(s).

5.  The Bursary and award may be used for any purpose clearly associated with the demands of the development of the individual’s career (travel, purchase of books, instruments, scores, audition fees tuition etc.)

7.  The completed application form will form the basis of the applicant’s submission for the Bursary. Applicants may also submit a tape, CD or DVD not exceeding ten minutes in length, in support of their application.  All material submitted will be returned after judging.  The Trustees cannot accept liability for the material but every care will be taken over it.  The Trustees undertake not to breach individual or corporate copyright.  Applicants may be invited to attend a meeting to support their application.

8.  The Trustees will not accept an application from any previous winner of the Bursary award.

9.  Anyone related to any applicant may not take part in the selection process for the bursary or the award.

11.  The Award Certificate(s) will be presented at a concert of Southwell Choral Society. Where practicable winners may be invited to take part in this concert.

12.  The timetable for the year is as follows:

March:  Application forms available

End April: Adjudicating panel announces its decision.

Choral Society Concert:  Public presentation of the award

13. The decision of the Trustees will be final and confidential. They will not enter into any correspondence or other form of communication with the applicants, their families or representatives other than as described above.

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